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The Data Challenge Summarized

As a small business, you may be overwhelmed with all the data from your CRM, accounting software, or HR platforms. You may be also wondering how to put this data to good use. Machine learning helps you extract and transform large amounts of data into actionable insights to optimize your business workflows, daily operations, and respond to changing market requirements.

But how do you build a custom, small-scale machine learning solution on a budget?

The Vision Behind the App

Having previously worked on multiple machine learning and AI projects, Scopic recognized there was a niche for custom machine learning solutions for small businesses. We created an informative landing page to attract companies and entrepreneurs looking to solve their business problems through machine learning development.


The Scopic Solution

We created an Instapage landing page based on strict SEO competitor analysis. The page showcases information targeted at hitting top rankings for over 10 different short-tail and long-tail keywords. Additionally, the content was created with the user’s pain points in mind and mentions specific use cases in which each industry is able to leverage custom machine learning development.

The page highlights the advantages of using machine learning for small businesses and machine learning technologies that a company can leverage.

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