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The Fitness Challenge Summarized

Having a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is sometimes quite a task. Our lifestyle can have the tendency to dwell in habits that admittingly don’t bring us positive long-term effects.
Despite attempting to build up a strong fitness mindset, we may encounter dozens of barriers that prevent us from sticking to our daily schedule. The most common examples include:

  • Lack of time – We all lead busy lifestyles and finding the time and determination to exercise regularly can often seem impossible.
  • Lack of motivation and energy – As we know, the problem with motivation is that it’s easy to lose, especially when we expect quick results or the routine gets tiring.
  • Lack of equipment/convenience – Having access to the proper equipment and knowledge to customize our exercises according to our specific needs can sometimes be tricky.

The Vision Behind the Apps

The founder of the 7 Minute Workout Project understood the fitness challenge that many face. To share his wisdom and offer support, he hoped to create an application that would specifically focus on areas such as:

  • Strengthening tone
  • Shaping core and abs/midsection
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility

He was on a mission to provide scientifically proven techniques in the form of short, engaging workout videos. This would help fitness enthusiasts to perfect their form and technique, and ultimately improve their fitness lifestyle no matter their busy schedules.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic, a fitness app development company, joined forces with The 7 Minute Workout team and built a number of iOS applications, amongst which include: 

  • 7 Minute Yoga Stretch Workout for Increasing Flexibility
  • Mobility, and Life Quality
  • 7 Minute Sexy Abs Workout for Fab Abs in 30 Days
  • 7 Minute Belly Fat Burner Workout: At Home Midsection Shaping and Toning

Scopic ensured that the app would provide users with the tools they need to build up the discipline of working out. Each app is focused either on a different part of the body or on the different results the user is hoping to achieve. Following the project’s vision, each exercise is accompanied by a real-life video demonstration to perfect the participant’s form and technique. All apps are based on the scientific 7 minute workout template. Scopic built a user-friendly interface that included built-in timers and alarms, so that the user would always know what is coming up and when to switch exercises.

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