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Gorilla Weightlifting

The Weightlifting App For Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strength Training to Get Swole!

Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster

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The Weightlifting Challenge

There are millions of examples of mobile apps that showcase templated workout regimes for the ones wanting to get fit. But what if you already have a perfectly sculpted physique and want to get bigger and stronger? There’s a challenge for weightlifting enthusiasts when it comes to finding customized programs that will help reach their unique goals.

Going to the gym every day and working with a trainer can be expensive. But there’s a solution.

The Vision Behind the App

From the makers of the best-selling fitness app Gorilla Workout comes Gorilla Weightlifting. The founders envisioned a mobile app that would be an accomplice and trainer for in-the-gym and at-home resistance training. They wanted to build an app that would have over 125 weighted and body-weight exercises used throughout all programs, and would have specialized programs for specific goals such as​ beastly bench press or superstrength training.

Scopic, with its custom mobile app development services, helped create the Gorilla Weightlifting app with custom workout programs and features for its users.

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The Scopic Solution

Gorilla Weightlifting joined forces with Scopic to build and design a responsive iOS and Android mobile apps for workout enthusiasts who want to get bigger and bulkier. When creating the app, our coders used technologies such as XML, Java and Objective-C. The services included:
iOS Application Development
Android Development
Cross Platform Development
Native-English Copywriting
Responsive Design
Smart Social Media Marketing
We then continued to work on the mobile app by constantly adding new Signature workouts to establish a close connection with the app users and help them improve their weightlifting skills with time.
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Skills Involved:

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