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Encourage nutrient-timed and flexible meal planning with a glance at the wrist

Meal planning made easy.

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The Reminder Challenge Summarized

 You have it all figured out. You have set up your healthy to-do tasks, and you promise to adapt to that lifestyle. The next day, week or month daily routine obligations come in the way and you start losing motivation.

It is difficult to lose weight, eat healthier, learn a new skill, or build any get new habits unless you practice a lot and get reminded of those benefits. In addition, planning recipes, choosing restaurants, and finding the proper fitness coach are all time-consuming and challenging tasks.

The Vision Behind the App

MyFuelUp believed people could achieve all their goals with just a little push. If motivation and facilitation were needed to take action, they aimed at creating a solution for that. The mission was ‘to empower people to make the most effective and efficient daily nutritional decisions through mobile technology. Firstly, they worked together with Scopic to develop an iOS phone app that helped users build healthy habits. However, MyFuelUp envisioned complementary tools that would ensure that end goal. So, keeping users’ convenience in mind, they reached Scopic for a second application that would encourage people to keep fit with just a glance at their wrists.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the MyFuelUp iWatch app. The main goal of the app is to help users have a healthy lifestyle. It converts the generated diet into an organized grocery list and provides menu recommendations at local restaurants. The diets are generated based on the users’ characteristics like:



Type of body


Lifestyle (types of veganism)

Your specific goal (such as lose weight or gain muscle)

The iWatch app is complementary to the MyFuelUp iOS phone app and has all its built-in features. The user-friendly interface enables users to determine and check caloric requirements, easily track adherence to the progress, and get rich notifications on the workout as well as meal details.

MyFuelUPiWatch solution

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