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Providing daily plans for students to improve their psychological health

Educating self-empowerment.

The Being-a-Student Challenge Summarized

College experiences are diverse and enriched with self-growing processes that eventually lead the way to what the person will turn out to be in the community. However, with that, there is also a lot going on psychologically. There is high pressure in trying to accomplish academic goals, that it may become overwhelming. Students may feel disorganized and stressed out. They feel like their time is moving fast for them to keep up with the rest, so they develop poor sleep habits, unresolved relationship problems and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

The Vision Behind the App

MYSELFPLAN company aimed at presenting happiness as a priority for students.No matter how many life requirements they felt like having, being healthy shouldn’t be left as a second plan. They envisioned this would also eventually affect all their other problems that felt like having.

So, they reached out to Scopic and came up with a digitalized solution.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s team built an application that contained a curriculum of reflective practices. This app aimed to reduce anxiety or stress through practical scenarios. It helps students put out a concrete plan that involves all the activities of the day, which eventually increases self awareness. Students manage time better through interactive features such as alerts and times, as well as feel self-empowerment when accomplishing even the little tasks.

Skills Involved:

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