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The Nutrition Challenge 

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet can be tricky, especially when trying to follow a specific diet or aiming to reach your nutrition goals. And if you have any household allergies to throw into the mix, preparing the right food to achieve your objectives is even more challenging.

The Idea Behind the App

The founder and owner of Recipe IQ had a vision: to give home cooks more control over their family’s health by easily extracting the nutritional information from the image of ANY recipe. He wanted to empower anyone and everyone to eat healthier meals, by taking the mystery out of a recipe’s ingredients.

The Scopic Solution

RecipeIQ was built by the Scopic development team as a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. The application allows for the extraction of all the nutrition facts from print and online recipes. Additionally, users can not only scan/take photos of recipes but also add their own recipes. It pulls ingredients to calculate their combined nutritional values, using an advanced database search algorithm. 

Scopic’s team also introduced an additional database to allow users to add custom ingredients and improve the accuracy of nutritional calculations. This innovative recipe analyzer app helps home cooks maintain a balanced diet, and empowers dieters to cook with confidence.

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