3D Golf Companion App

The App That Helps You Run Faster, Hit Harder, Swing Better

Track and Improve your game. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

The Golf Playing Challenge

Many golf players enjoy the game and want to improve their skills but lack feedback from their companions. Simple things like changing your posture, putting your leg further back, swinging softly can all make the difference between getting a hole in one or not.

All athletes, from the practice field to the championship game, and from the youth leagues all the way up to the pro leagues, are on a never-ending quest to take their game to the next level.

The Vision Behind the App

The 3D Golf Companion iOS application came to life on a mission to help athletes improve their game. The founder had a vision – the app would take the information gathered by the sensors and turn it into simple, actionable suggestions for how users could improve their form. It would provide simple and easy suggestions, small but critical adjustments – to your hips, timing, shoulder movement, etc. This would then be translated into beautiful graphs and personalized feedback for the user.

So, joining forces with Scopic, the founder sought to harness the best technology available to help athletes everywhere train better, learn faster and play smarter than ever before.

The Scopic Solution

With Scopic’s mobile app development services, the 3D Golf Companion app was created with a custom system of users’ historical data, allowing them to view progress over time. When working on the iOS mobile application our activities involved:
iOS Application Development
Native-English Copywriting
Responsive Design
User-Centric App Design
And more!

Skills Involved:

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