The App that’s Bringing Your Hunting Expeditions to the Online World

Compare Your Hunting Successes With Others and Win Your Virtual Trophy.

The Hunter’s Challenge

Hunting enthusiasts are passionate about their hobby. But after the hunting experience is over, they have no place to showcase their success, compete with other hunters and discuss their achievements. The trophies they win sit on their shelves, collecting dust, and only get picked up when the grandkids come to visit.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a virtual platform, where hunters all over the world could share their stories and compete with each other?

The Vision Behind the App

NRA-TA came to life, when the founder saw the need in the market. He decided to create a platform where hunters could interact after their hunting expeditions were over. He had a vision of building an app that would scan the dimensions of the users’ wild game. Moreover, users could visit the NRA-TA website to log their success and compare with other hunters. So he partnered with Scopic to bring his vision to life. He envisioned the main feature of the app to be a virtual trophy room so users could browse actual 3D scans of their previous trophies and score them.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic provided its mobile app development services to NRA-TA to build and design a website and a mobile app for hunting enthusiasts. Some of our activities during the development process involved:
Mobile Application Development
Website Development
Native-English Copywriting
Responsive Design
3D Visualization
And more!
We then continued working on making the mobile app responsive for all devices. Scopic’s developers also created a trophy room where users can now showcase their trophies and compare with fellow enthusiasts. With our custom web development services, we were able to create an e-store for NRA-TA, where users can transform their trophies into virtually anything: from capts to full size 3D models.

Skills Involved:

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