The First Multi-Channel Marketing Platform for the Auto-Sales Industry

Bringing the future to your dealership.

The Automotive Challenge

For both well-established and emerging companies alike, it can be challenging in the automotive industry to find effective ways to bring a consistent and steady stream of hot leads through the door, in order to conquer and nurture new customers. Most automobile companies are on the search for more productive methods to reduce employee workload, while driving more sales.

The Auto-Sales Vision

Having brought a Toyota dealership that was at the very bottom, to right up to the top 15 in the country, the founders of Autominers knew and understood first hand what problems other automobile companies were facing. On a mission to empower more businesses to increase sales and enhance existing customer relationships, they set out to find an appropriate software development company to partner with. They were looking for a team of developers who could capture their vision and help them create a custom marketing platform tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry.

The Scopic Solution

Choosing Scopic for our diverse expertise in software development, the founders of Autominer expressed their hope of creating the first multi-channel marketing platform for the auto-sales industry. Our knowledgeable web developers then set to work to turn Autominer’s ideas into reality. Using PHP and jQuery, among other technologies, we built a dynamic automotive software application from scratch.
Consolidating the functionalities of multiple other apps, it allows users to target audiences precisely, generate new leads, and enhance customer retention. Utilizing the product’s preset filters, users can also create custom lists and customized work plans to suit distinct customer groups. Other features include sales team coordination, email templates, direct client calls, and the automatic tracking of calls and messages initiated within the app, in order to streamline the analysis and follow up process.

Skills Involved:

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