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The Challenge

While different communication means are widely available today, many companies, including Scopic, still opt against using third-party tools. Effective internal communication allows for easy collaboration and sharing of ideas over chats, calls and video conferences. In addition, a branded company communication tool ensures the security of both company and client data, keeping all the correspondence within the organization.

The Vision 

Our CEO Tim Burr, wanted to create a VoIP communication tool that would be developed with custom features by Scopic themselves. He wanted to have an application that would allow for group chats, one-on-one conversations, video/audio calls along with the option of screen sharing.

The Solution

Kreo was created by the Scopic team as a VoIP communication tool that’s similar to Skype. It was custom developed to ensure seamless and secure communication among Scopic employees around the world. Built with third-party chat engine Pubnub and call servicer Twilio, the app supports both one-on-one and group chats, voice and video calls, and screen-sharing. 

Scopic teams currently use Kreo for internal discussions; future versions of the app will see the inclusion of clients and other external parties. This app provides our workforce with a more streamlined and secure communication workflow.

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