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The Landing Page Challenge Summarized

After having developed your company’s website, you find the need to have it marketed properly. But the conversion rates don’t seem to satisfy. The next step is mostly landing page creation. What happens when you don’t have the right expertise for such specific pages? They risk not being attractive or specific to the product that the company takes pride in. In addition, since the design phase, they are neglected to be integrated as part of an overall campaign that produces promising leads.

The Vision Behind the App

SketchList 3D company embarked on building an easy-to-use furniture design software that allowed woodworkers to build photorealistic furniture models in minutes. However, after recognizing the importance of landing pages, they decided to shift their marketing focus on a more specific target. They aimed at creating a curated campaign that would be effective in driving more conversions for woodworking enthusiasts.
They got in touch with our marketing team and started concretizing their ideas.

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The Scopic Solution

SketchList 3D is a modeling software for woodwork projects. Following development by Scopic’s tech team, Scopic’s marketing experts took over to expand the app’s user base. Part of a holistic marketing plan, this landing page targets a new customer segment. SketchList 3D wanted to engage woodworking hobbyists looking for DIY furniture plans. The page was researched, written, designed, Search Engine Optimized, and marketed in less than a week, and was launched with related ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Skills Involved:

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