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Strengthen your network and raise your game

Strengthen your network and raise your game

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The Coach Challenge Summarized

No one makes it alone. Anyone who achieved anything great had a mentor or a teacher. This also applies to on-court success. However, finding a sport’s instructor can prove to be a hassle. Often people have to ask around, making the process very time-consuming and inefficient. Finding expert coaches that fit the team’s requirements and are available on a specific schedule adds more challenges to the problem.

The Vision Behind the Website

The Women’s Collegiate Basketball company recognizes such challenges in women’s basketball. They sought to find coaches that would help girls improve their athletic performance and reach their individual goals. Finding perfect trainers, managing their schedules and handling their payments was something that the team itself shouldn’t worry about. So, they decided to take the matter in their own hands and checked in with Scopic to create a proper solution.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic cooperated with the company and built the Women’s Collegiate Basketball Site (WCBS) application. Through the platform, the company is able to offer paid services to stakeholders. The platform ensures connections with desired coaches and consultants who, in addition, offer help with organizing tournaments.

The main goal of the WCBS application is to serve as a coach profile data center for company users who are searching for coaches and coach consultants in the field of women’s basketball. The user intuitively achieves that through 3 simple steps:

Send the request with coach details

Database of 10,000 coaches

Credential notifications to to handpick coaches

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