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Scopic Drives Your Business’s Digital Credibility Significantly: GoodFirms

by | March 29, 2022

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A leading success driving partner for your business – Scopic is best to choose for your high-quality software development and marketing solutions. Have a glimpse of its entire journey from inception to growth till now in the words of Tim Burr – the Founder & CEO of Scopic. 

Scopic is a leading software development and digital marketing company established in 2006 in Massachusetts, United States of America. It is one of the biggest virtual companies globally  that holds an amazing track record of success, with over 1,000+ projects delivered by 280+ highly talented developers, designers, and marketers around the world.

Scopic holds over 15 years of experience in transforming client business ideas into reality where HIPPA-compliant assigned teams work for healthcare projects. The company initially started small and is successfully working with the remote-first approach that allows it to scale without experiencing the classic issues of growing fast.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Tim Burr – Founder & CEO of Scopic discussed how the company was established and his role as the CEO. 

Tim starts the interview by sharing that Scopic is a go-to Custom Software Development Company that is always ready to spark growth and break market boundaries for their client businesses.

He shared that he started Scopic in 2006 with just 5 members and after having worked in the software industry for over 20 years. The idea behind was to establish a trusted concern to serve IT businesses fully based on a remote team of experts. His passion and team’s efforts took the company to become one of the biggest fully remote companies in the world and they give the reason behind such kind of establishment is increased efficiency, flexibility, and favorable environment to the employees and its clients.

Within 6 years only, the team Scopic expanded from 5 to 100 people without needing any physical location to work. The company virtually brought inside talented professionals from sales, operations, HR, finance, marketing, and many other genres to optimize work processes. “Our chosen model worked because we built an effective company structure, implemented the right processes, and successfully managed our business to grow in 15 years. We are now a well-established service provider with a loyal customer base and many returning clients. We are starting new and exciting projects that we are proud of every day,” he claims.

Regarding the company’s business model, Tim shares that the entire Scopic team works in-house. The company maintains full control of the projects, the resources working on those projects, and ultimately the solutions’ quality. Best talents are recruited to deliver excellent results to the clients.

Tim admits that they want Scopic to make a one-stop-shop for their clients instead of letting them search for multiple service providers for software development, design, and marketing needs. Instead of just building apps, they help their clients plan and efficiently create relevant, modern, and in-demand products that further help them in supporting their marketing efforts.

According to the Scopic CEO, since its inception, the company has been building software solutions for medical entities, keeping the healthcare industry under core focus. A wide variety of customer software solutions is created for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals, and physicians worldwide.

Custom trading software development, including technologies like blockchain, fintech, education, manufacturing, fitness and wellness, and cannabis, are other areas of expertise. The recurring clients of the company in 2021 account 70% of their revenue.

The major service area revolves around IT, DevOps, Web, Mobile, and Desktop Development, UI and UX Design, and Marketing. Tim said that Scopic is indeed a software development company, but it also helps the businesses from idea to design, development, launch, and promotion of their digital product or service.

As Tim said, the high level of customer satisfaction rate, transparency in business processes, and the ability to cater to their clients’ needs and requirements makes Scopic different from others. The clients are regularly updated about the progress of their projects. The discovery documents are issues in the clients’ interests and the teams containing workload, timelines, and overall expectations related to the project.

The operations team of Scopic closely works with all clients. The company professionals continuously mitigate risks, manage issues, and ensure client satisfaction. The account management focuses on checking client satisfaction levels with implementing needed changes. The reviews displayed below are examples of how Scopic treats its clients.

Reviews Reviews part two

“We work on both pay-per-hour and fixed cost projects. We provide all estimations to our clients related to costs and tasks-to-be-done and can adjust the budget and timeline according to needs and possibilities,”, Tim confirms.

According to him, Scopic offers medium to larger projects. Minimum 150-hour workload project requirements or fixed price from $5,000 to $1million is charged for different levels of projects.

When asked about where he sees Scopic in the next 10 years, he confidently shared about the company’s progress and phenomenal work in future. He claimed that despite fierce competition in the software development industry, team Scopic will keep itself up-to-date with the latest technologies, expand its expertise in strategic areas such as healthcare and blockchain, and increase their loyal customer base.

Scopic is already ranked among the top software development companies in Massachusetts and is aiming high to become the top-class IT services provider in the USA and the world. As he concludes the interview saying, “I believe that Scopic has laid the groundwork for a successful company, which strives to be around for decades to come.” The detailed interview can be found at the company’s profile page at GoodFirms.

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