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Leading Social Media Optimization Services to Grow Your Audience

Did you know that 43% of all online users use social media platforms as a source of information when making a purchasing decision?
Social media optimization services can help you build your brand, bring new leads, and establish strong customer connections.
Scopic can handle your strategy creation, social engagement, and post scheduling tasks. Our SMO services also include creating original content and maintaining all your social media channels.

Social Media Optimization Services to Drive More Conversions

Billions of people use social media to find and share information and connect to others. This makes social media platforms a great venue to expose your brand to a huge audience, increasing your prospective customer base.
But the opportunities are endless, and identifying which platform, SMO strategy, and approach work best can get confusing.
As a leading digital marketing agency, Scopic is here to help. We can build a successful social media optimization strategy for your business, create high-performing social media content, and bring real value to your potential and existing customers. We also offer day-to-day social media services like tracking all vital metrics and creating a consistent social media posting calendar to help your business achieve the best results possible.

Social Media Statistics to Consider

Social media is an integral part of the everyday life of over 4.7 billion people.
To show you the immense power that social media can give businesses, we’ve compiled a list of a few interesting statistics:
Platforms /

The average social media user actively uses 7 different social media platforms per month.

54.9 %

of the active Facebook users aged 16-64 use the platform to follow and research brands and products.

Hours / Day

On average, social media users spend about 2.5 hours a day on social media (about 15% of their waking lives).

Billion / Month

people use Instagram monthly.

Billion / Month

people use Facebook monthly.

62.3 %

of the active Instagram users aged 16-64 use the platform to follow and research brands and products.

That’s why your business needs to get exposed to the right audience at the right time and on the right social media platform. You can do that by building a following, engaging with your subscribers, and running advertising campaigns.

As an experienced social media optimization company, we can help you achieve all these goals.

Our Winning Social Media Optimization Process
A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Step 1:

Initial Social Media Account Audit

If you have existing social media profiles, our experts will look at all your posts, comments, and user engagement. This will help us understand what works well for your subscribers and where your social media efforts can be improved.

Step 2:

Authentic Social Media Posts

Our social media management agency will help you create original social media posts that align with your brand and drive more traffic to your account. Each post we design reflects your business and aims to showcase your products and services, allowing your audience to get to know your brand.

Step 3:

Custom Graphic Design

We use custom social media images, original designs, and creative templates. Our graphic design experts will ensure all the visuals stand out and give your brand the look and feel you want to communicate to your audience.

Step 4:

Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

You will also get an experienced social media account manager who will manage all your social media business profiles, social ads, and relationships with influencers. The manager will also keep you updated on all performance metrics and help you achieve optimal results every step of the way.

Step 5:

Social Media Network Set up and Optimization

Scopic can help you set up a profile on the social media platforms of your choosing. We can fill out all the information on your business profile, so it’s fully optimized and ready to WOW your crowd.

Step 6:

Detailed Brand Reputation Analysis

Our social media optimization agency will analyze your brand and how your target audience perceives it. To do that, we find and monitor any mentions and feedback on your business on social media. Then we analyze these findings and identify ways in which we can enhance your brand’s reputation and value.

Step 7:

In-depth Competitor Analysis

Our SMO services include a detailed competitor analysis. We look at your direct competitors, their performance, and how they engage with social media users. Then we identify their weaknesses so that you can launch a stronger and better-performing campaign against the competition.

Step 8:

Data-Driven SMO Strategy

We build a data-driven custom SMO strategy tailored specifically to your business needs. Our social media optimization experts utilize your data to help your brand communicate in the right way, using content marketing and other strategies that hit the bull’s eye of your niche.

Step 9:

Advanced Marketing Technology

While there are many social media marketing tools available, our experts use only tried and tested technology that gives us insights into industry-specific metrics. This enables us to create data-driven campaigns and effectively grow your social media presence.

Step 10:

Routine Social Media Monitoring

Our experts will monitor the performance of each social media post. We constantly track metrics like engagement, reach, and impressions. This enables us to understand if some posts perform better than others, so we can produce more valuable social media content and maximize engagement.

Step 11:

Monthly Consultations

We conduct monthly consultations to keep you in the loop about how your social accounts are performing. Your dedicated social media manager will schedule a meeting with you and walk you through all important updates and potential improvements.

Step 11:

Monthly Consultations

We conduct monthly consultations to keep you in the loop about how your social accounts are performing. Your dedicated social media manager will schedule a meeting with you and walk you through all important updates and potential improvements.

Step 12:

Monthly Performance Reports

Along with the monthly consultations, you will also receive monthly performance reports. These will give you a detailed summary of how your social media campaign is performing, its achievements, and areas of improvement.

What Do Our Social Media Advertising
Optimization Services Include?

Besides social media marketing, we also offer social media advertising optimization services. Social ads can help you reach your target audience on the right platform and at the right time.

Here are the most popular social channels used for advertising:


With Facebook, you can focus your ads on goals like:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Conversions

Our social media optimization company can help you run different types of campaigns based on your business needs and your target audience.


Instagram is a great advertising platform for sharing photo and video ads. To achieve the best results, we will help you:

  • Choose the correct ad format
  • Select relevant ad metrics
  • Analyze your campaign’s progress


LinkedIn is a platform suitable for reaching out to other businesses.

Our LinkedIn Ads experts will help you with all social media management operations related to setting up the right goals and metrics, monitoring the campaign performance, and making any necessary adjustments along the way.


Twitter is a suitable advertising platform for businesses that want to communicate in a concise, straight-to-the-point manner with their audience.

We can help you optimize your Twitter profile, determine the right goals, track the campaign’s performance, and adjust for optimal results.


With 2.29 billion active users, YouTube could be a great social media platform for some businesses that put emphasis on video content. We can help with setting up your account, content planning and YouTube optimization.


Pinterest is a visual platform where you can post creative, quality content.

We will set up your Pinterest advertising campaign, define your goals, target specific keywords, and optimize accordingly.

Did you know 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media?

Get your brand discovered easier with our affordable social media marketing services. We can build your social media account from the ground up so you reach out to all your potential and existing customers.

Social Media Marketing Services Packages

With all the various social media platforms, a one-size-fits-all solution cannot bring you the results and ROI you need.
The Social Pioneer
Choose this plan if:You want to get started on social media with a modest budget.
Unique content strategy
Profile setup or optimization1 Profile
Custom graphic design2 templates for posts and stories
Niche hashtag research
Organic follower acquisition
Posts12 timelines or story posts/month
Social Engagement
Performance Report
SET UP FEE: $390.00
MONTHLY FEE: $390.00
The Game Changer
Choose this plan if:

You already have social profiles but you want to achive more.

Unique content strategy
Profile setup or optimization

2 Profiles

Custom graphic design

4 templates for posts and stories

Niche hashtag research
Organic follower acquisition

18 timelines or story posts/month

Social Engagement
Performance Report
SET UP FEE: $610.00
MONTHLY FEE: $960.00
The Social Innovator
Choose this plan if:You want to get your foot on the door on social the right way.
Unique content strategy
Profile setup or optimization4 Profiles
Custom graphic design8 templates for posts and stories
Niche hashtag research
Organic follower acquisition
Posts24 timelines or story posts/month
Social Engagement
Performance Report
SET UP FEE: $1,050.00
MONTHLY FEE: $1,590.00

To maximize the value of our SMO services, we offer three social media management packages. Additionally, we can create a custom package for your specific needs.
This enables us to deliver a tailored social media marketing strategy that caters to your unique business goals and customer base. This way, we can use our expertise to create a customized SMO strategy and apply an authentic execution plan.

Our Favorite Social Media Management Services Projects

We go above and beyond to deliver great value for your social media marketing packages.

Need help taking your social media strategy to the next level?

Let’s discuss your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
Social Media Optimization (or SMO) is the use of different social media networks to grow the online presence and following of a business. An SMO strategy can help you improve your brand image, connect with potential and new customers, and showcase your latest products and services.
How SMO Benefits Your Business?

Social Media Optimization is becoming increasingly important for creating a stronger online presence and more recognizable branding for your business. Here are the main benefits of incorporating SMO in your overall digital marketing strategy: 

  • Search Engine Ranking: SMO helps your rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo. 
  • Website Traffic: SMO contributes to your search engine optimization and ranking efforts. This also helps increase your overall website traffic, bringing in more users to your site. 
  • Online Reputation Management: Many consumers prefer leaving reviews, comments, and feedback about the brands they use on social media. With a strong social media presence, you can perform better social listening, be aware of your customer’s feedback, and be more engaged with your audience. 
  • Brand Awareness: Having active social accounts makes your brand visible to more followers, and you can establish your reputation more easily. 
  • Paid Advertising: Social media ads are a powerful tool that helps you create engaging ads targeting specific audience segments. 
  • Local SEO: SMO helps your local search engine optimization efforts. It can help you target specific geographic regions and reach potential customers in your area.