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The Top Places to Cowork Around the World

by | June 22, 2017

Are you a freelancer, remote worker, or perhaps an entrepreneur?

If so, then you have the great luxury of choosing where you want to work and live. And, let’s face it, it could be literally anywhere on the planet.

Today, virtually any place can be a workplace, whether it’s a café, a hotel lobby, or even a park bench. In fact, Forbes has indicated that 34% of the US workforce is now considered freelance, and this is expected to rise to 40% by 2020. A clear indication of the popularity of this new mode of work can be seen in the growth of co-working spaces. The industry is growing so fast, that it’s nearly impossible to say with accuracy just how many coworking spaces there are in the world at this point in time.

The best cities for digital nomads have to have: excellent wifi, strong coffee, beautiful weather, reasonable prices, and of course, great coworking spaces. Based on these must-haves, we have compiled the best coworking cities around the world.


In the heart of the Europe, Budapest is one of the loveliest European cities, and it has a lot to offer for casual tourists and digital nomads alike. Its international atmosphere, gorgeous architecture, delicious street food, unique nightlife and interesting people, all promise a positive experience. More importantly, the city is affordable, it has an excellent internet infrastructure (there are Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere around the city) and many coworking spaces.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 30
Average internet speed: 30 MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 1,265$/m
Event to try: Brain bar


Thailand is considered to be the ultimate digital nomad destination when focusing on factors such as: climate, affordability, internet speed, and breath-taking nature. The capital city is famous for its ornate temples and bustling markets, but as a major international hub, it also offers all the modern comforts of home.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 70
Average internet speed: 40 MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 1,171$/m
Events to try: Cracking the code to success in network marketing and International Conference on Education & E-Learning


Internet speed is imperative to digital nomads, and South Korea has the fastest connection. Apart from a good internet connection, gun possession is illegal here, which makes Seoul one of the safest cities in the world.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 50
Average internet speed: 99MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 1,783$/m
Events to try: International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology and International Symposium on Business and Management


Invariably, the beautiful weather tends to be the first thing that draws nomads to this South Florida paradise. The overall entrepreneurial climate is awesome, and prices are much better when compared to San Francisco and New York.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 40
Average internet speed: 15 MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 3.072$/m
Events to try: Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly and CISO Summit


Lisbon is one of those places where you cant help but feel good. This amazing coastal city has it all: rich culture, nice cafés and restaurants, and friendly people. This city has been recognized for its thriving economy, wine exports, tourism, and its educational system.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 50
Average internet speed: 7 MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 1,620 $/m
Events to try: Web Summit – The largest tech conference in the world and Digital Nomad Conference


Vietnam is getting more popular among digital nomads. Ho Chi Minh, formerly named Saigon, is becoming one of the top destination for freelancers from all over the world. This hub boasts great weather, widespread use of English language, and very affordable prices. The city has over eight million inhabitants, making it a top business hub in Southeast Asia.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 30
Average internet speed: 14 MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 1.150 $/m
Event to try: International Conference on Business and Economics


For remote workers and/or digital nomads, this lively metropolis with its beautiful Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and world-famous beaches, also boasts a growing start-up and entrepreneurial scene. Despite being a big city, Sydney still manages to have a relaxed feel to it. Living costs can be high, however, international and local investors are present here if you’re looking to pitch your ideas and/or raise funds.
Number of coworking spaces: more than 80
Average internet speed: 51 MBPS
Average nomad life cost: 2,734$/m
Event to try: World business Forum

For digital nomads, working from home is always an option, too. But, why work from home when you can enjoy a coworking place in any country you want? Happy nomading! 🙂

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