Case Study

How a Design & Development Partnership Helped PBT Marketplace Revolutionize the Pet Industry

Product Description

PBT Marketplace is a web application that connects pet breeders with retailers across the country. Their intuitive interface allows for full transparency between buyer and seller; pictures, sire and dam info, vaccination records, seller reviews and more.

By eliminating the need for traditional broker services, PBT Marketplace helps reduce costs and build trust within the pet industry.

The Challenges

PBT Marketplace had hit a UX roadblock. Their business model was founded on transparency and ease-of-communication, however, their website (coded in classic ASP) required too much of a learning curve. Site users were vocal about the improvements they wanted to see and PBT Marketplace responded.

We wanted to be able to make changes to the new site and accommodate customer requests. We needed to rewrite everything.

Charles Cobb, President, PBT Marketplace

The Solution

In order to meet both the current and future demands of their clients, PBT marketplace needed a site that was clean, intuitive and easily updated on the backend. After thoroughly vetting half a dozen custom web application development services service providers, they decided to partner with Scopic. It was Scopic’s willingness to adapt to changing user needs that really cemented the relationship.

They get things done and they don’t complain about anything. When we ask them for something, they’ll just tell us they can do it and how long it will take, and then they start working on it. We’d worked with developers in the past where deliverables were promised and just fell by the wayside. That doesn’t happen with Scopic.

― Charles Cobb, President, PBT Marketplace

PBT Marketplace compiled a wishlist of customization requests and gave Scopic the freedom to put their expertise to work. Using AuctionWorx by RainWorx Software as a foundation, Scopic selected a robust technology stack that included:

  • CSS
  • Net MVC
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript

They then systematically worked through PBT Marketplace’s customization requests to deliver the functionality, fields and simplified UX journey that users were asking for. The resulting UI is eye-catching and geared to evolve with the changing needs of pet breeders and retailers.

Technology Stack

The Outcome

Reaction to the site redesign was extremely positive. Via transparency and professionalism, PBT Marketplace and Scopic delivered a research and networking tool that could not only meet user demands but potentially revolutionize the pet industry. Cognizant of shifting customer needs, PBT Marketplace continues to solicit community feedback which they pass on to their development team at Scopic to be transformed into design & UX improvements. Scopic is a global company with talented designers, developers, QA engineers and project managers located in 30+ countries. The depth of their experience allows the team to quickly adapt to PBT Marketplace’s changing needs. It is a partnership that began in November of 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down.

With Scopic you can expect an accountable partner with an expansive offering of services who can deliver as promised and on time.

― Charles Cobb, President, PBT Marketplace

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