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Case Study

How Homegrown Nursery Increased Their Organic Traffic by 2133% in 6 Months

The Client

Homegrown Nursery is a California-based company that specializes in providing the highest quality feminized cannabis clones. They take away the stress and hassle of growing plants from seeds for home growers and wholesalers alike. Homegrown Nursery makes it easy to buy female Indica, Sativa, hybrid and exotic strains. Their clients no longer have to rely on dispensaries for their preferred strains. Businesses buying wholesale can also rest assured their products will be of the highest quality. The founder of this budding company wanted to be recognized as the best cannabis clones provider across California and beyond!

He also wanted to share his team’s expertise with his clientele by providing consistent and valuable business tips, legislation news, and growing guidance. Homegrown Nursery had the high-quality products, the knowledgeable team of experts, and the e-commerce platform. But they wanted to take their online presence to the next level. With high hopes for expansion, they knew they would need an SEO-optimized, user-friendly website. The goal for this website was to reflect their high-quality products and customer service, as well as improve the customer experience along every step of the journey.

The Project

Clients can visit the Homegrown Nursery website and browse through the cannabis strain menu to select the size and strain of their favorite clones. Strains available for purchase include Indica, Sativa, hybrids, and exotics. Every plant they sell has visible roots and identifiable genetics with no mold or nutrient deficiencies. Once the customer places an order online they are contacted by a representative. They only make payment upon delivery for a transparent buying experience.

Impressed by our extensive experience transforming websites and boosting traffic for growing companies, Homegrown Nursery chose Scopic as their preferred dispensary marketing agency. As experienced growers themselves, the Homegrown Nursery team understood the drawbacks of growing cannabis from seeds or the high costs of purchasing the end product. With this in mind, the founder knew that once their target audience were able to find them easily, there would be no looking back.

The Challenges

The owner of Homegrown Nursery was confident that no other cannabis nursery could offer the same verified genetics and high-quality clones in large quantities. However, they needed help standing out online in such a competitive market. They no longer wanted to rely on third-parties to promote and sell clones on their behalf. So they approached Scopic to help overcome these challenges and grab the attention of both cannapreneurs and established marijuana businesses across the country. They hoped to stand out online as a top supplier of high-quality cannabis strains in California and surrounding states.

“I did some research and reviewed their profile. I then called and asked them to send me links to other sites that they’ve built. After looking over their work, I felt confident that they could take on my project.” — CEO, Homegrown Nursery.

The Approach

After executing both on-page and technical SEO audits and deciding upon the new URL structure, we set to work on the content creation. Optimizing every page based on SEO recommendations and enriching the text with the target keywords, we were soon ready to move on to design.

Creating an intuitive and user-friendly design, we transformed the look and feel of the website. Then, after coding the pages to life, we deployed the new site and continue to provide both marketing and WordPress development support on an ongoing basis.
To boost organic traffic and build a network of supporting keywords that help the main web pages rank highly, our SEO specialists and content writers collaborated on our content marketing efforts. Combining a strategic backlinking campaign, along with weekly blogging, our dispensary marketing strategies have helped establish Homegrown Nursery as an authority in the Cannabis growing industry.

“They’ve been able to take on just about anything I throw at them!” – CEO, Homegrown Nursery.

The Solution

In a mere 6 months, our online digital marketing efforts increased organic traffic exponentially from 198 in September 2020 to 4,421 in February 2021. The traffic increase gathered pace in November and since then, has more than doubled each month.

That’s not all either! In September, the number of keywords ranked in Google’s top 10 search results increased to 42 with 15 of those keywords ranking in the top 3 in the US.

Technology Stack

The Outcome

With the help of Scopic’s web development, digital marketing, and web design services, Homegrown Nursery has grown tremendously and has now shifted its focus to wholesale distribution exclusively.

“They communicate well and are responsive. They’re easy to get in touch with and we have weekly meetings. They also finish projects in a timely manner.” – CEO, Homegrown Nursery.

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