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Case Study

How Offshore Developers Turned ShadeWave Into an Industry-leading Dental Application

Product Description

ShadeWave is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based dental 3d modeling software that determines tooth shades, translucency, and value from digital camera images. Eliminating the need for outdated color tabs, this web application utilizes HTML5 and scientific mapping technology to process and analyze dental images for shade analysis. 

Used by dentists across the United States, ShadeWave instantly shares data between dental practices and labs, streamlining communication and minimizing errors.

The Challenges

ShadeWave Founder and CEO Dennis Braunston had a great idea for a new technology, but his team didn’t have the tech skills to develop it internally. “I know what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to proceed,” he explains. Dennis knew outsourcing to a development firm was his best option, but filtering through endless providers to find an affordable, competent, and reliable team was challenging.

The Solution

After searching online and interviewing numerous vendors, Dennis found Scopic Software back in 2008. A team of dedicated developers took the time to help him design the initial wireframes and think through the optimal architecture for ShadeWave’s proposed functionalities. With routine updates and open communication throughout the process, they delivered the first version of ShadeWave on time and within budget.

“They’re really good at providing accurate cost estimates and sticking to them. For example, an unrelated occurrence required Scopic to redevelop a specific aspect of the project. Their owner informed me they wouldn’t charge for a significant portion of the work. They didn’t have to do us that courtesy, but he insisted. They have a large amount of integrity.”

– Dennis Braunston, ShadeWave CEO

Technology Stack

The Outcome

Today, ShadeWave is the leading dental shade matching technology in the United States. It has received wide acclaim from dentists and their patients, and improved communication between dental practices and labs. As new technologies are developed, Dennis continues to return to Scopic for routine upgrades and enhancements.

“Scopic delivered an excellent product. The software receives positive feedback and there have even been articles published about it… The project wasn’t easy and they couldn’t have done better.”

– Dennis Braunston, ShadeWave CEO

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