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Case Study

How RecipeIQ App Went from Zero, to Achieving Thousands of Downloads in Less Than 6 Months

Product Description

RecipeIQ is a unique nutrition calculator app for iOS and Android that displays the nutritional information of any recipe taken from a magazine, newspaper, cookbook, or online. The user simply takes a photo of the recipe, or pastes an online link into the app to retrieve the nutrition facts on their device.

Most recipes don’t include nutritional facts, making it hard to meet dietary guidelines when cooking at home. With a touch of a button, users can quickly discover the amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fat, sugars, fibre, and sodium per serving of any recipe. Users can customize the recipes by swapping ingredients, and save recipes to create a personalized cookbook on the user’s phone. The app also allows users to convert between metric systems such as grams, pounds, millilitres, or ounces, for easy measuring.

The Challenges

Our team developed the RecipeIQ application to the highest standards, but as a brand new nutrition app entering an extremely competitive market, RecipeIQ needed a way to stand out and be visible in the AppStore for a more successful launch.

With no prior brand awareness, Founder of the RecipeIQ app, Ken Leeser, wanted to establish RecipeIQ as a leading nutrition app, gain more organic exposure, start getting downloads, and open up a social community of long-term users who love food tips, recipes and healthy cooking.

The Solution

To make RecipeIQ stand out as a new app in the iOS App Store and get the organic downloads from the start, our ASO team performed app store optimization with carefully chosen keywords and copy that compels the user, without being salesy. Our design team created attractive app screenshots, an app preview video and a promo video to make the app stand out and let users know exactly what it can do in a few seconds.

As part of the marketing plan to gain brand awareness, engagement and build a community for the app’s target users, our team created and maintains pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

To assist ASO and social media, and reach the organic exposure that Ken was aiming for, we created social influencer campaigns with specifically chosen influencers. This would display RecipeIQ to large audiences of people that are likely to want to use the app.

Technology Stack

The Outcome

In less than 6 months there were over 4500 downloads of the RecipeIQ app and they had several active social media communities.

In the first 2 months there were around 450 downloads a month coming from ASO and social media efforts. Our team built RecipeIQ’s social communities up to: Instagram – 1.427 followers and Twitter – 923 followers, in just 2 months.

The real boost came with influencer campaigns where the number of downloads increased 143%, going from 450 to around 1,5k downloads per month. About third of all downloads so far came from influencer marketing, with one campaign attracting 500 downloads in a single day.

Scopic has been an invaluable partner in helping to gain visibility for RecipeIQ. They have provided excellent strategy, content and execution to have the app effectively promoted in iTunes, on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) which, along with identifying key partners, helped build our growing network of followers.”

– Ken Leeser, founder of RecipeIQ app

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