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Case Study

How Shapiro Enterprises Achieved 217.5% Growth in Organic Traffic and an Impressive 227.2% Boost in Conversions in Only 6 Months!

The Client

Established in 2007 with a firm dedication to repurposing food and beverage waste, Skip Shapiro Enterprises LLC has emerged as a leading player in upcycling agricultural byproducts both nationally and internationally. Boasting an impressive track record of managing over 1 billion beverage containers to date, the company serves prominent clients in the food and beverage manufacturing sector. Their extensive network of top-tier processors enables them to provide unparalleled service across North America.

As a comprehensive organic recycling solution, they offer a seamless range of services. This includes efficient waste logistics and compliant beverage disposal, along with transparent waste tracking workflows. Their expertise also extends to innovative on-site or near-site pop-up facilities, significantly reducing freight expenses.

Shapiro Enterprises homepage featuring their competitive advantages

The Challenge

As an established waste management company, Shapiro understood the importance of having an optimized website, that effectively reaches their target audience. To achieve this goal, they aimed to boost their website’s visibility by achieving high rankings for primary keywords, surpassing their competitors. Furthermore, they aimed to elevate user engagement, striving for increased conversions. All these endeavours were directed toward achieving a visible rise in sales over time and establishing authority in their industry.

The Solution

Scopic partnered with Shapiro, to develop a WordPress-based website providing an in-depth overview of Shapiro’s wide range of services, but also enhanced the user experience by implementing a more intuitive and user-friendly design. This design revamp was aimed to ensure that visitors could seamlessly navigate through all pages and readily access the information they were seeking.

Furthermore, our comprehensive approach included conducting an extensive market study, detailed keyword research, SERP analysis, and thorough competitor evaluation. These efforts collectively formed a comprehensive SEO strategy for Shapiro. This strategy encompassed various pivotal aspects, including on-page optimizations, technical SEO enhancements, content development to establish topical authority, improvements in website speed, the implementation of the EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) strategy, and strategic off-site SEO tactics.

In addition to these undertakings, our marketing experts crafted a highly targeted Google Ads campaign tailored to their target audience segments. The campaign was meticulously monitored, optimized, and reported on to ensure a consistent drive toward surpassing key performance indicators (KPIs). The latter aimed for a 5% rise in phone call leads within the next three months, a 7% CPC reduction over the next four months, and a remarkable 15% boost in web traffic in just one month.

The Result

In a span of six months, our digital marketing strategies delivered outstanding outcomes. We saw a remarkable 331.32% growth in organic traffic and an impressive 211.11% increase in conversions. Moreover, clicks from organic search have increased five-fold, and our ranked keywords surged by 395%. We successfully positioned the key keywords on the first page, with 51 of them in the Top 13 and 11 keywords in the Top 3. Notably, our website’s authority grew from 4 to 15, and the number of backlinks increased by 13%. Adding to our achievements, our blog article on the “Alcohol Disposal Guide” secured a featured snippet for the keyword “denatured alcohol disposal.

Furthermore, contributing to our successes, the conversion rate of our Google ads campaign saw substantial growth, rising more than 80% between January and July. Our call volume surged by an impressive 104.37% in July compared to the previous three months, significantly surpassing the 5% call increase goal. Moreover, the campaign excelled in cost efficiency. We effectively reduced the cost per click by 35.65% in July compared to February, far exceeding the targeted 7% reduction.
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