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Case Study

How the Need for SEO Services Turned into a Full Website Overhaul for a Bathroom Design Company

The Client

With over 30 years in the bathroom renovation industry, Origin Bathrooms hails from Sydney, Australia, and specializes in full-cycle bathroom design and renovations. Their objective? To create beautiful, high-quality bathrooms that are not only aesthetically appealing but also perfectly functional for their clients. Origin Bathrooms sources all of its products from the best suppliers and completely oversees client renovations from beginning to end. This added value sets them apart from their competitors and gives them a great sense of pride in their craftsmanship.
Their attention to detail and high-quality work results in custom bathroom solutions that suit every need.

“We specialize in quality bathroom renovations in Sydney. We’re focused on adding style, convenience and a fresh new look to clients’ homes. Our unique range of services is what sets us apart from the competition. We offer end to end management of the renovation – design, supply, and build.”

– George Sowmi, Origin Bathrooms Managing Director


The Challenges

Origin Bathrooms strived to differentiate themselves from other companies in the highly competitive bathroom renovation industry. For this purpose, it was important for the company to have a user-friendly, high-ranking website that clearly communicated their advantages. They also wanted the Origin Bathrooms website to appeal to customers, showcase their designs effectively, and lead to increased client work.

Their initial attempt was to create a template-based website internally and manage the website updates in-house. However, without proper SEO and carefully crafted content around keywords, they were vastly underwhelmed by the site’s ranking and performance.

To turn the situation around and increase their website traffic, Origin Bathrooms sought help from an affordable marketing agency that provided website design and SEO services.

The Approach

Once in touch, the Scopic marketing team reached out to fully understand the needs and goals of Origin Bathrooms. Scopic’s specialists started with a full website SEO audit, identifying the technical issues and content concerns hindering the site’s performance. Thorough competitor research was then conducted to gain an understanding of the main keywords used in the industry. After the audit was complete, Scopic created a tailored marketing strategy that included website design and development, SEO services, and content creation.

The Solution

In the implementation stage, Scopic’s SEO experts strategically applied competitive keywords throughout the website pages. They also worked on optimizing the site’s performance for search engines.

Apart from SEO, other issues were waiting to be addressed: the website needed to be more visually appealing, it lacked company information, and wasn’t successfully capturing the unique value of Origin Bathrooms’ work. Scopic proposed a complete website overhaul that would combine the previous SEO tactics with appealing visuals, and native-English copywriting. Developed with WordPress, Scopic created the current, user-friendly website, hitting all of the marks in terms of visuals, optimization, and content.

To this day, the Scopic team continues to work closely with the founders of this innovative bathroom renovation company. Origin Bathrooms recently opened a unique showroom, for example. In doing so, they aimed to provide their potential clients with an inspirational space to discuss their ideas. To showcase their one-of-a-kind showroom on their website, our copywriters, designers, and developers teamed up to write, design, and build a new showroom page.

To help generate even more traffic, engage with visitors, and remain competitive online, Scopic’s marketing specialists also regularly research and optimize the existing website pages. Our SEO experts and copywriters work alongside Origin Bathrooms collaboratively. Creating engaging blog posts that are relevant to the industry, the team highlights current bathroom renovation trends and designs that will inspire prospects to turn their dreams into reality.

Technology Stack

The Outcome

When running online advertising we helped decrease the CPA (cost per acquisition) for a competitive and expensive keyword, reducing it from $152.50 to $48.70 per lead. And with a fresh website makeover, Origin Bathrooms has noticed a significant increase in traffic to their homepage, contact information, and services, resulting in greater client leads and conversions.

The client has been pleased with the results produced by Scopic’s team of designers, developers, and marketers. Scopic continues to optimize the Origin Bathrooms website, add new information, and improve on it as needed.

“Scopic stood out from the competition from the very early stages. They approached the pitch process professionally and have consistently been reliable and responsive over the 20 months we have worked together. Especially pleased with the new website development.”

– George Sowmi, Origin Bathrooms Managing Director

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