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Song Surgeon

The indispensable tool that assists your music skills

Distortion-Free Key and Tempo Change for Audio Files.

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The Challenge Summarized

Are you a music enthusiast who wishes to teach or learn several audio tricks? Do you wish to learn a song quickly and easily? Would you like to extract the audio out of a standard video file? Do you struggle to find the exact keys and chords of a song?

For simple tasks like these, the market provides users with expensive and complicated software that often require high-level expertise.

The Vision Behind the App

Why not offer a solution that provides all the necessary audio functions easily and simply, whether you are a beginner or a professional?
Why not substitute what a thousand-dollar studio software can do, with a modest editing and recording audio app that saves time and makes you a better musician?

The idea also included an opportunity to enable changes in key and/or tempo with little to no distortion. Scopic and the company worked together to accomplish all these ambitious goals.

SoundBox vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic built Song Surgeon, a smart audio manipulation software. The platform is able to detect the tempo, the key signature of the song and the chords. This data is then represented in the main user interface immediately upon opening a file. In addition, it provides the following useful features:

Unlimited Loop Creation – Isolates multiple segments in a single file

Metronome – Synchronized to the detected BPM of a song

31 Band EQ – Enhancement of audio mix

Isolation – One instrument within the mix

4 Beat Click Track – Automation creation and insertion

New Audio File – Permanent and portable changes

The application is used by musicians representing over 37 different instruments in 120 countries worldwide.

SoundBox solution

Skills Involved:

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