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The CD Challenge Summarized

CD/DVD recorders are still used in many business fields, especially in the medical industry.
However, if healthcare companies aren’t careful, this process can be timely, costly, prone to human-error and has the potential to slow-down the rest of the business’ workflow and productivity.

In the case of medical enterprises, storing and sharing patient medical images via CDs is extremely common between doctors and their patients. However, there are many challenges that health institutions often encounter when sharing sensitive information:

  • Sharing patient results over CDs can be expensive and difficult to manage efficiently.
  • The burning speed of a CD may be too slow leading to unsatisfied patients.
  • Printing from data that has been burnt onto a CD can often result in low quality images.
  • Not all CDs are readable and often include the wrong studies.

The Vision Behind the App

Nautilus was founded by a group of professionals that care about how imaging data is handled between users, specialists and patients. They strive to provide the most complete DICOM distribution systems at great value, and consistently work to improve their products and deliver on this promise. Because of their progressive mindset, they reached out to Scopic and presented their innovative ideas.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic joined forces with Nautilus to build a system where CD burning can be done automatically at just a touch of a button from each modality. The system, called AutoRay+, has the following capabilities:

Merge and Edit Patient Demographics

PACS Query/Retrieve

Auto-Burn CD/DVDs with Spanning

dRay DICOM Viewer

A DICOM Image Importer with Graphic Image Conversion to DICOM

The Unique Peer-to-Peer Exchange Service

AutoRay allows for the high volume production of CDs or DVDs with printed demographics and hospital logos for patients and professionals alike.

When building this game-changer of an application, Scopic ensured the software interface was designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive, so that medical staff would require very little training to successfully operate the system.

Skills Involved:

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