Medical Records Tracker

The Vision Behind the App

FitStation was created on a mission to build stronger connections and raise community spirit. Founder, Roger Williams, wanted to build the bridge of communication for the fitness world. He wanted to ensure fitness leaders, gurus, enthusiasts and beginners alike, had a space to join together and motivate one another to achieve their personal goals. So he worked with Scopic to craft a supportive fitness network that allows fitness leaders to provide support from within the pockets of their tribes, no matter where they are.

The Scopic Solution

Brought to Scopic in disrepair, our team refactored the code, fixed bugs, improved the UI, and updated key functionalities. We also created in-app purchases and ads. In preparation for Medical Records Tracker’s release, Scopic’s marketing experts created a landing page and crafted the app description with ASO keywords to optimize downloads and user engagement.

Skills Involved:

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