Medical Records Tracker

Enhancing the optimization of medical records’ coordination and security

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The Medical Data Tracking Challenge 

When our medical history is not documented, our previous consultations or hospitalizations become a vague recollection of past events. Without complete medical data, doctors are often left to guess and hypothesize on patient’s treatment, while patients can forget appointments and when to take the supplements. Keeping track can be challenging due to:

  • The lack of online portals for doctors
  • The lack of a unified system with access to historical data
  • Lost prescription slips or medication instructions
  • Carelessness and negligence from both the doctor and the patient’s side

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed at creating a solution that allowed users to securely store and organize health records, medication schedules, and medical appointments. They offered the market a way to take the frustration out of healthcare recordkeeping and coordination by automatizing the whole process. The company believed that continuous improvement and robust feature integration was the key to the app’s success. So, they contacted us and furthered their ideas.

MedicalRecordsTracker vision

The Scopic Solution

Medical Records Tracker, the company’s iOS and Android mobile app, helps family members and care providers keep track of healthcare regimens for multiple people with calendar integrations and timely mobile alerts. Brought to a trusted custom mobile app development company, in disrepair, Scopic refactored the code, fixed bugs, improved the UI, and updated key functionalities. We also created in-app purchases and ads. In preparation for Medical Records Tracker’s release, Scopic’s marketing experts created a landing page and crafted the app description with ASO keywords to optimize downloads and user engagement. 

MedicalRecordsTracker solution

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