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Benefits Of Remote Companies: Hiring These Businesses Can Save You Time And Money

by | November 12, 2019

Choosing a 100% virtual company for custom development work is a decision that can save your business a lot of time and money.

Companies without physical headquarters were something unthinkable until a few years ago, however, nowadays, they are rising and thriving around the globe.

The truth of the matter is that when someone thinks about virtual companies as service providers, there is usually a big question mark as to why engage with them or how it works. Well, the benefits of remote companies are plenty. The fact is that reduced costs and a highly diverse team are an excellent recipe for success. In this article, we will explain the core reasons why hiring such type of company can be of great benefit for your business.

Access To Top Global Talent

One of the benefits of remote companies is that these types of businesses have no geographic restrictions to hire the best talent around the globe. Also, without these limits, the highly specialized workforce is free to work from wherever they wish. If a remote worker, who’s crucial on your project, decides to move to another country, the company will not lose an employee, and this will likely not even impact the project. Your company would not only save money while keeping the project up and running, but you would also save the time needed to hire and train another person to join the project.

More Productive Teams

Renowned companies such as Mozilla (the non-profit behind Mozilla Firefox) and Basecamp are known for having distributed and successful global teams. The absence of a headquarter does not harm the productivity of these teams, and in fact, it helps them work more efficiently. Many studies show that remote teams are more productive and more focused because there aren’t as many distractions as in a physical office. Also, employee retention rates tend to be higher, and workers are less likely to get sick. Furthermore, companies that are already established as remote, such as Scopic, have processes in place to onboard new team members to a project. Without the need to set flows from scratch, your business is – once again – saving time and money.

Reduced Resource Costs

Hiring a 100% virtual company to build your product or service with custom web development work will very likely cost less than a traditional headquartered business. This cost difference happens because, without an office, a remote company spends less on rent, equipment, and commuting, making their costs more effective while getting to hire the best talent in the world.

Availability On Different Time Zones

Other benefits of hiring a remote company include the possibility of global teams that can be available almost the entire day. While a developer located in the Ukraine is finishing his day working on your project, a colleague in South America is starting fresh and continuing the work seamlessly. This type of situation allows you to work on your project around the clock and achieve results faster than a traditional team would. Support teams can also be available at almost any time of the day if any issue occurs, and your team needs immediate assistance.

Better Than Hiring Freelancers

You must be thinking, why not just hire a remote freelancer yourself? A remote company has teams and its own project managers dedicated to handling your project. If a developer gets sick or leaves the company, the team members will be able to follow through seamlessly with the guidance of the project manager, with little to no impact on your project. You could also change, add, and remove team members as desired when a new activity starts or stops. Working with a sole freelancer may put your project at risk if they get sick or have an emergency.

Security And Confidentiality

When hiring a remote freelancer, it’s usual to ask them to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) document or a similar document. Imagine if you’d have to pay a lawyer to write an NDA every time you hire a new freelancer? When hiring a virtual company, you only have to worry about your end, and the company will set its own NDA terms with its employees.

More Proactive Communication And Collaboration

Man and woman video chat

To ensure productivity and teamwork, remote teams collaborate and communicate differently – sometimes even better – than in-house teams. Everything must be documented, and the meetings are usually more effective. Virtually-distributed companies are the first ones to know the importance of excellent communication, so instead of thinking “out of sight, out of mind”, these businesses will prioritize proactiveness when it comes to communication.

Using Technology To The Maximum

Because of their nature, virtual companies will explore technology to its best, avoiding many bureaucratic practices. You may rest assured that valuable project hours will not be used printing hundreds of documents to get them signed, or joining lengthy meetings in a conference room. Also, if you send an email or an

instant message, any team member should take less than a business day to reply.

About Scopic Software

While not all remote companies operate the same way, the bottom line is that a virtual nature allows for certain flexibility that becomes a win-win-win – for you, for the company and the staff. We wrote this article based on our own 13+ years of experience as a remote company. We know that being a virtual company is an essential part of what we are, it allows us to confidently say that this is one of the main reasons why we can offer our services at one of the best price points and with the highest quality.

We are a 100% virtual global company with a 250+ members team distributed all over the world. Although we are global, we cater to any specific and local needs, dedicated to building unique applications and solutions for our clients. We hire our team members based on experience and aptitude, not location. If you’re interested in hiring a remote company for your software development needs, get in touch and request a quote.

Are you struggling to build your own remote workforce? At Scopic, we are a 100% virtual company, and we would love to share our expertise with other businesses. Check out our blog post on how to overcome virtual team building challenges to learn more.

If you would like to start a project, feel free to contact us today.
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