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ALERT: Firefox and Flash are Breaking Up

by | May 22, 2017

We all knew it was happening.

But this is the last nail in the coffin. Firefox 55, the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, will now be set to “Ask to Activate” for all Adobe Flash plugins.

What does this mean?

Basically, Flash is the only NPAPI plugin that is not currently blocked by Firefox and they’re seeking to change this. This is the last stop on the way to block all Flash content completely.
Mozilla Firefox now strongly prefers HTML5 content to Flash content. Turns out, if you’re still using Flash, you may be losing the business of over 50% of internet users.

Why are they doing this?

With HTML5, multimedia content can be rendered without a media plugin or player. Flash’s need for additional plugins not only slow down the browsing experience, they also open a user to more potential security risks and vulnerabilities. As a result of these vulnerabilities, Apple has refused to run Flash on its iOS devices. This means anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch will not be able to properly access Flash content. Unfortunately, technologies come and go–just ask the cassette player or the car phone. Flash was incredibly innovative for its time. Unfortunately, that time has passed.

But, I have a Flash app. What can I do?

Don’t worry, there’s hope! If you currently work with Flash, it’s time to learn more about the Flash to HTML5 conversion process and its benefits.

How do I convert Flash to HTML?

The Flash to HTML conversion doesn’t have to be difficult, and it will improve your app.
In fact, “HTML5 can add new, innovative features to make your website and/or application even better.” Basically, you should seek out professional help who will handle the heavy lifting for you.
Once your app or website is in HTML5, not only will everyone on the internet be able to access it, it will also be faster and safer.

This breakup shouldn’t come as a surprise: it’s been a long time coming.
It just means it’s time to convert Flash to HTML5 and luckily, Scopic can help you with that.

Cara Chatellier

Marketing Specialist, Scopic Software

If you would like to start a project, feel free to contact us today.
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