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How Scopic Built a New Company Website That Reflects its Dynamic Growth and Evolution

by | February 12, 2021

Case Study

How Scopic Built a New Company Website That Reflects its Dynamic Growth and Evolution

The Client

After a successful personal career in software development, our CEO and founder, Tim Burr decided to venture out on his own, establishing Scopic in 2006. His goal? To help revolutionize industries with innovative software solutions. Starting the company as a single employee, Tim sought out to hire extraordinary talent to work with, hiring software trailblazers, coders, and creators from all corners of the world. Over the years, both our team and our services have vastly evolved.

This became possible due to the emphasis we place on delivering high quality work and adhering to our core values – innovation, transparency, and communication. Scopic has evolved into a unique, all-in-one agency that specializes in custom software solutions and full-cycle digital marketing services. We assist clients in a wide range of industries: medical, dental, financial, manufacturing, entertainment, software and IT, health and fitness, and more.

The Challenges

Both the digital marketing and software development industries are exceptionally competitive. To differentiate ourselves from the competition, we needed a website that would effectively communicate our services, generate quality leads, ensure top-notch user experience, and perform optimally on all devices.

Until April 2020, Scopic was using its old website that was built when the company was just starting to operate. The website from the early 2000s looked outdated and definitely wasn’t helping Scopic to put its best foot forward.

“Besides the outdated design, the old website was difficult to maintain. It was built in a way that making any new change on the website proved difficult – breaking other pages or workflows. ”

– Valeart Doli, Project Manager

2020 called for a newer, modern website to reflect our dynamic growth and technological expertise. So, we set out to create a new company website – one that would represent our values and branding while serving both corporate and sales needs.

The Approach

When planning the work on our new website, we focused on these main objectives:

● Ensure a modern, user-friendly design

● Optimize for user conversions

● Enable easy-to-upload content

● Streamline the website’s maintenance

● Increase traffic with SEO services

● Successfully display our competitive advantage and offerings

After extensive research, we decided to go with WordPress as the best framework to help us achieve these goals. Moving forward, we explored which theme and plugins would best match our needs.

On top of identifying the right software, we wanted to ensure we stayed relevant. To do this, we focused on website design and optimization. We turned to our talented web designers to come up with a sleek layout, concentrating on fail-proof user experience. In addition, our SEO team conducted an extensive website audit and recommended steps to ensure the website was fully search engine optimized.

The Solution

After deciding on an ideal theme, our skilled team went to work – designing and building a user-friendly and fully responsive website.

Collaborating alongside our development team, our SEO specialists contributed substantially to updating the company website. After running a comprehensive audit, they identified content improvements and technical issues. From here, they focused on implementing a tailored optimization strategy that included:

● Creating an optimized URL structure throughout the whole site

● Thorough keyword research

● Detailed copy guidelines

● Relevant keyword implementation

● Creation of a brand new ‘solutions’ section to target niche keywords

“The new website is a big step forward in terms of SEO: we managed to fix all the on-page technical issues that were plaguing the old website and couldn’t be fixed due to the old theme’s technical limitations (URL silo structure, headings issues).

We also implemented content modifications for the website’s main pages. This new content is better suited to the visitor intent and gives a better flow to the entire website in terms of how the content is organized and perceived by both visitors and search engines.”

– Dan Uidumac, SEO Lead

The new company website clearly highlights our services, careers, and resources. We’ve also implemented a large number of improvements to showcase our vast portfolio in a way that is much easier for visitors to navigate. Complete with high-ranking keywords and in-depth optimization tactics, the website’s searchability and search-engine rankings have both been immensely improved upon.

“The new website increased the overall user experience significantly. With modern design and dynamic content, users can easily navigate our Portfolio section and contact us for their next project.”

– Valeart Doli, Project Manager

Technology Stack

The Outcome

Overall, the updated website is not only aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and fully-optimized, but updates are no longer a tedious task, and maintenance is simple.

“As a result of the SEO team’s efforts, our conversion rate has vastly improved – by 68%. Our organic leads have doubled, and our website clicks have increased by 120%.”

– Andre Franco, SEO Specialist

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