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Scopic: The Software Solutions Company Uniting Your Vision With Your Target Market.

Your niche. Your originality. Your software. Let it be made. Then let it be found.

Working together to innovate your industry, Scopic’s all-in-one solution helps growing companies like yours to overcome their biggest challenges and drive real change.

A Software Solutions Company Specializing In Strengthening Businesses

1,000+ projects down the line. 14+ years of experience. As a software solutions company, we initially focus on our six strongest markets: Custom Healthcare Software DevelopmentFinancial Services Software Development, Trading Platform Development, Manufacturing Software Development, Fitness App Development Services, and Medical Imaging Software Development. We have since branched out into numerous different industries to offer custom mobile, desktop, and web application development services that empower change. Find your market below and let’s work together to spearhead your industry’s evolution.


We value your security and business integrity. With over ten years of experience working with financial institutions, we help turn your project ideas into cutting-edge software solutions that:

  • Help facilitate communication to increase employee and client satisfaction
  • Simultaneously revolutionize the finance industry while driving more revenue and reducing risk
  • Securely turn your sensitive data into actionable insights and boost customer loyalty

Partner with Scopic to create groundbreaking fintech solutions that disrupt the norm.


Accessible data from wherever you are. Predict your own success and partner with a company that understands your needs. Looking to dominate trade markets around the world? With innovative software solutions you can:

  • Gain valuable insights in real-time
  • Visualize your trading strategies
  • Monitor and predict market trends
  • Gather and analyze stock markets based on cumulative, live data
  • Follow and store stock market data

You name it. We make it happen. Partner with Scopic for efficient, scalable solutions that grow with you as you trade your way to the top.


Drive innovation to stay one step ahead of your competition. It’s time to transform legacy applications and adopt the latest technologies to:

  • Ensure the optimal efficiency of your machinery
  • Enhance your inventory management workflow
  • Gain real-time visibility to decrease unplanned downtime
  • Integrate with your current systems to make staying compliant a breeze
  • Control your data and implement advanced security measures

The power is in your hands. Let’s work together to set new trends, exceed consumer expectations and reshape your industry’s understanding of what it is to be efficient.

Health and Wellness

Take your expertise and spread them far and wide. Incorporate technology into your business workflow to:

  • Impact your clients’ daily health routines by digitally connecting your ideas to their specific health plans.
  • Reach a wider audience where location no longer restricts your clientele.
  • Track your client’s progress and create a motivational environment where empowerment reigns!
  • Provide your audience with the tools they need to make healthier choices and reach their wellness goals.
  • Tap into technology to provide helpful nourishing insights in real-time, when and where your clients need you most.

It’s time to embrace the changing health trends and impact more people with your wisdom. Seek superior solutions that stand the test of time and help your brand’s name shine brightly above them all.

Medical and Dental

Looking to increase patient engagement and streamline processes to meet ever-changing demands? Differentiate your practice by developing intuitive software that:

  • Personalizes your patients’ experiences, while keeping their sensitive PHI secure
  • Makes it easier than ever to keep your project HIPAA, HITECH and SSAE compliant
  • Increases patient engagement and employee efficiency
  • Processes data in real-time to easily identify the most critical patients in need of care
  • Reduces manual processing of data for a more efficient paperless work environment

Equip your medical personnel with the tools they need to succeed and make sure your patients know just how much you value them. Join forces with Scopic’s custom web application development services and create a software solution tailored to your healthcare goals. Tap into the latest technology to impact more lives. 


Empower health-focused consumers to spread your fitness flame. Create tailor-made software solutions to:

  • Drive engagement and solidify relationships with your clientele, followers and fans
  • Send targeted notifications to inspire and expand your network of fitness addicts
  • Bring a new dimension to your workouts by entering the digital world of fitness
  • Improve your training sessions, increase motivation levels, and hype up events

Ready to empower those around you to find their inner fitness freak and redefine what’s truly possible?


Innovative digital marketing solutions to revolutionize the way you market cannabis products and scale your business. Following the industry’s best practices, we can help you:

  • Reach the right audiences with organic ranking through SEO tailored for cannabis
  • Tell the story of your cannabis business through robust brand development
  • Start generating revenue and promoting your business with a reliable website
  • Be one step ahead of your competition with a consistent content marketing strategy
  • Find the right venue for promoting your brand on cannabis-friendly advertising networks.

Ready to start your path into dominating the local cannabis industry? Partner with Scopic to break barriers and start growing like weeds.

And there is more…

As your preferred software product development company, we can tailor your solution to help you achieve your goals.

Utilize technology to maximize business productivity, develop business communication solutions and team communication apps, make remote teams work, drive change, and spark motivation in your organization.

Lead the digital revolution, meet consumers’ changing demands, and bring a whole new dimension to the entertainment industry with our software development services.

Fully engage students with interactive and educational software to reinforce teachings, provide support, and increase motivation.

Tap into the virtual currency industry with our cryptocurrency exchange development services that are tailored to your company’s needs.

Leverage computer vision to elevate your industry and create video analysis solutions that change the way we all work.

Break boundaries and streamline your way towards new scientific discoveries. It’s time to push the limits of what’s possible.

Can’t find your industry?

We’ve worked in other markets too. Tell us about your project ideas and we’ll get back to you with guidance on how to get the ball rolling.