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Case Study

How Top-tier Software Developers Helped Nutshell Media, Inc. Revolutionize The Filmmaking Industry

The Client

Nutshell Media is based in Woodland Hills, California and offers various analytical software tools for the film industry. The company’s products are programmed to analyze movies and collect a variety of data and statistics from their scripts.

The collaboration with Scopic has been ongoing since 2011; when Elmo Weber, President of Nutshell Media, Inc. sought out Scopic’s development services for ScriptFILTER, the company’s latest product.

A partnership that began on a platform that connects highly qualified software developers with companies seeking solutions has turned into over eight years of fruitful collaboration where Nutshell Media continues to choose Scopic based on its qualifications; the team’s skillsets and a reasonable price point.

 “Scopic routinely delivers high-quality and reliable solutions in a timely manner. Everyone on their team is efficient, organized, and responsive.”

The Project

ScriptFILTER by Nutshell Media Inc. is an iPad app that is programmed to analyze and summarize movie and television scripts. By collecting and organizing data on characters and scenes, the product highlights the lines of a specific character. In addition, ScriptFILTER allows you to quickly save and email screenshots and CSV files – all in one comprehensive application.

As an established development partner, Scopic has built multiple software tools for the movie-analytics company using a variety of technology like JavaScript and C++.

“Scopic consistently develops reliable applications. They estimate a range of hours for each project, and their guess is always pretty close. Without their assistance, I wouldn’t have any software.”

The Challenges

The challenge in developing ScriptFILTER was to create a unique filmmaking tool that changed the way film industry specialists read, budget, plan, and edit scripts. The app aimed to benefit writers, producers, directors, actors, picture editors, agents, and artists in every discipline of production and post-production by providing an “at a glance” access to the very DNA of any given script.

Nutshell Media’s app was intended to be capable of collecting and organizing valuable data about characters and scenes, as well as calculating the statistical significance of characters. Moreover, ScriptFILTER’s functionality envisioned scene and sentence analysis. Finally, as a result of collecting and analyzing relevant data, the product was built to point out areas of the script that are statistically less significant to the main storyline.

“I’ve had negative experiences with past vendors, but the Scopic team has never let me down. Their customer service and dedication have set the foundation for a long-lasting partnership.”

The Solution

Upon reviewing the development specifications with the client, Scopic’s team started working on the product from scratch. Once a working version was developed, the team followed through with an effective testing process.

The result of this particular effort within the framework of an ongoing collaboration was ScriptFILTER, a custom solution that automatically analyzes and summarizes movie and television scripts. The app analyses the contents of a script and highlights the lines of a specific character, as well as allows users to quickly save and email screenshots in one comprehensive solution.

“Scopic managed the development of the mobile application efficiently. I have worked with at least five different project managers throughout our partnership with Scopic, and have been very satisfied with all of them. The software company provides detailed summaries of each teammate’s responsibilities and progress on each task. Scopic uses efficient tools to organize and track the project. Whenever questions or concerns arose, someone from the team was available to help throughout the entirety of the process.” 

Technology Stack

The Outcome

The outcome of the collaboration between IDCreator and Scopic was not only an updated version of the software but also a tool to enable their business growth. Most importantly, the transition went over smoothly as the users were not affected, and all the data and members’ info were safely migrated to the new version.

“Our main product is custom printed ID cards. At the heart of our business lies our online designing tool that allows our customers to create their company’s template. Scopic has been able to create an easy-to-use program that our customers really appreciate and has allowed us to grow our business. We now print ID cards for small businesses all around the world. We have helped over 100,000 customers create more than 1,000,000 ID cards” – Sam Colvin, President of IDCreator.

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