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3D Volumetric Microorganism Viewer

Enhancing the image of microorganisms

A way to see microorganisms clearer.

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The Enhancement Challenge Summarized

In microbiology, it’s important to have high-resolution images in order to see the finer details of cells that are being studied. Some microscopes that are used in the field might produce high magnification but low resolution images and vice versa depending on the product.

To better understand these microorganisms, it’s imperative that the zoomed-in images be of excellent quality. If the images aren’t clear, the microorganisms can look distorted, skewed and difficult to identify. Without a comprehensible image, microbiologists could possibly miss important information given through the picture. Thus, the challenge in this industry is generating images that are both high-resolution and high-magnification every time.

The Vision Behind the App

In order to get a more precise image, the team behind the 3D Volumetric Microorganism Viewer dreamed up an application that would enable the user to work with 3D and enlarged images of microorganisms. The goal behind it was to help microbiologists and students better understand just what they were looking at in a more accurate manner.

To create this imaging software, they turned to Scopic’s team of developers.

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The Scopic Solution

Our developers understood the vision behind the software needs and created the platform based on 3D imaging. Using C++ along with Geometric Algorithms, the software creates clearer 3D images of microorganisms for microbiologists and students to study.

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Skills Involved:

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