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The In-store Signage Challenge Summarized

Costly – In-store signages can be frustrating since they are manually implemented. Updates are done to the signages according to the company’s advertisements, specials, and inventory – all of which are changed regularly. This costs both money and time for the company.

Inconvenient – These types of updates are essential to service companies such as restaurants. Having polished and professional displays of the prices and menu items become nearly impossible since they can vary daily.

Confusing – A lot of people lack clear information about the alternatives as they are used to in-store signages. When they get introduced to digital signages, they don’t know what strategy to choose: what the intent is, the number of screens needed or the timeline for the project’s deployment.

The Vision Behind the App

The CleverSign Digital Signage team aimed at providing a digital signage solution. Ideally, they wanted to cover the entire process. Firstly, they wanted to help companies understand their strategic goals: revenue increase, branding or simply informing the customers. Then, implement the most suitable screens and start the experience.

However, CleverSign Digital Signage envisioned the developed technology would be a competitive advantage in a fragmented industry with hundreds of vendors. So, they reached out to Scopic to enhance user interface features and increase performance.

The Scopic Solution

The cooperation with Scopic aimed to update the existing signage application with added and improved elements:

New User Interface


RSS features

Eventually, our desktop development experts built an application that consisted of two main parts – Content Management System (CMS) and a web player. The CMS was used to create playlists to be displayed on signage TVs while the web player was used to play playlists on the signage TVs. The improved features created a user-friendly interface with self-explanatory tabs that lead to beautiful signage creations.

Skills Involved:

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