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Fire Migration System Promo

Facilitating a reliable system design in fire occurrences

Simple and Safe.

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The Fire System Design Challenge 

Fires in buildings are risky happenings which may have severe effects on human life and cause material damage. Considered to be one of the major public health concerns all over the world, they have caused the emergence of various fire prevention systems that aim at providing full protection. Designing these systems is a complicated process that requires the need for expertise and attentive care. There are fire safety requirements that must be met in accordance with the specific needs of every building such as its use, occupancy, and other installed systems. In addition, a poor design can be fatal in not identifying possible hidden failures.

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed at bringing essential improvements to the fire protection systems in the market. They believed that a user-friendly yet robust solution could enhance several advantages that serve the protection of human life. The company envisioned a way to affect property losses nationwide by providing a thought-out plan on the design of fire occurrence prevention.
They reached out to Scopic and cooperated on a solution.

Fire_Migation_System vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s design experts took the matter into their hands and developed a platform called Fire migration system promo. The application provides robust features that lets the user design a fire migration system for their house. The user-interface provides a proper map and plan for where each component must be placed. These include:



Water Nozzle

Water Tank

Control Panel

And more!

It is a convenient way to fully facilitate the installation of a reliable fire alarm without fearing failure and loops.

Fire_Migation_System solution

Skills Involved:

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