The app that provides powerful conversion features in model space

Flexible 2D solution for effective shape manipulation.

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The 2D Conversion Challenge Summarized

If a company produces complete layouts for objects, they would probably need multiple angle measurements for compatibility and high accuracy. Exporting a jpg file from the top, side or bottom view of a 3D object is often insufficient in fulfilling such needs.

The interested company or user deals with solutions that involve advanced mathematics and are difficult to use. Other methods don’t offer maximum flexibility and become time-consuming.

The Vision Behind the App

The company Geometry aimed to create a solution that would be both self-explanatory and effective. Their vision consisted of simplifying the whole process and emphasizing the importance of the final product. Boosting conversion would make it possible to go from 3D objects to design files in minutes. Eventually, presentations and printings would be more accurate and appealing. So, Geometry approached Scopic and worked on a solution through algorithms and graphics technology.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic worked with the company and created a user-friendly application that translates 3D objects into 2D visuals in preparation for printing. Using parts and part labels from DXF and PDF files, the effective app automates the material utilization of nest parts. Users can intuitively manipulate the shape visualizations to fulfill customizable constraints using features like:

Multidimensional toolbox of tabs and markers

Mesh transformation tools

Piece nesting capabilitie

Once finalized, nesting results can easily be exported into DXF or BMP format.

Skills Involved:

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