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Language Dynamics Group

Innovative Language Solutions for Academic Success  

Help Your Students Thrive with Language Dynamics Group

The Challenge

A staggering 60-80% of students do not meet grade level requirements when it comes to writing and reading comprehension. This is because most learning approaches don’t focus enough on language skills. But with the right language learning tools, students can improve their reading skills no matter what grade they’re in. Meet Language Dynamics Group. 

The Vision

Language Dynamics Group provides innovative assessments and other intervention methods to help educators address the academic needs of all their students. 

Through these various interactive, research-based solutions, educators can empower students to reach their full potential. The three main tools they provide are: 

  • Story Champs: This curriculum promotes academic language learning through different storytelling techniques introduced in a fun and entertaining way.   
  • Pearl Screener: This dyslexia and language assessment tool can help you predict future decoding and comprehension difficulty.   
  • Cubed Assessment: This tool assesses reading comprehension with high accuracy and provides automated scoring and real-time reports on student performance.  

The Scopic Solution

To increase brand awareness, Language Dynamics Group wanted to partner with a skilled full-service digital marketing agency. That’s how they found Scopic and voted us trust to market their product, so it reaches a wider audience. Our experts managed to run successfully various marketing campaigns, including email and social media marketing, Google Ads, and Amazon marketing. Apart from that, we managed the theme development of their WordPress site and set up products and payment options on the WooCommerce platform. 

Skills Involved:

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