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The Challenge Summarized

It is not uncommon for companies to experience a technological failure or have problems accessing the internet. Backing up important information is key to avoiding any long-term damage being done. And the larger the company, the greater the quantity of confidential files and sensitive data at risk of being lost or compromised.Transferring files from one device to another can also be a time-consuming nightmare that many administrators often dream of avoiding.

The Vision Behind the App

The creators of LifeLocket embarked upon a mission to make the storing, transferring and backing up of personal files easier and safer for their clients. They aspired to create a unified and dynamic platform to scan, transfer and store all sorts of files from a user’s computer, using a compact and efficient USB stick. They envisioned the backup of all the data to be created in the form of chronologically arranged folders that could be sorted by their type. They also hoped to provide users with access to an easily accessible offline repository.

LifeLocket vision

The Scopic Solution

Keeping LifeLocket’s vision in mind, the Scopic team built this desktop application from scratch using C++ language and Qt technology. Designed to scan a variety of files from a user’s computer, we worked diligently to create an application that is not only easy to use, but is also secure and intuitive. Users can now easily create a chronological backup of their important files and transfer easily from a USB stick.

LifeLocket solution

Skills Involved:

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