Lumber Project

An app that makes measuring wood easier

Measure. Adjust. Chop.

The Measuring Application Challenge 

When buying supplies for any construction project, the trick is to purchase exactly the amount you need, no more and no less. The challenge lies in figuring out how computer devices could help you precisely measure the amount of materials, like lumber for instance.

The Vision Behind the App

The Lumber Project is a custom desktop application used by the employees of Forestry Systems. The company behind the app wanted to aid its workers in effectively keeping track of the inventory. With this idea in mind, the company reached out to Scopic to begin developing the wood measuring app.

The Scopic Solution

Lumber Project is a desktop application built with Artec 3D Scanning SDK on which Scopic worked from scratch. The app’s main feature allows to analyze the image of a scanned end of a bundle of lumber, letting the user review/modify the widths of the pieces and then transmit that information to another program.

Skills Involved:

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