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The Photographer’s Challenge Summarized

Photography is an appealing hobby for a lot of people. Both amateur and professional photographers spend a lot of time shooting different angles, portraits, and landscapes and expect to easily view and share the outcomes of their work. However, even viewing and sharing might sometimes get complicated. Depending on the type of camera, photo-enthusiasts often struggle to find a proper cable to connect the camera with a PC, wait for the slow upload to happen, download the photos and only then get to share them.

The Vision Behind the App

The company envisioned that this process can be simplified. They sought an effortless solution that would put photographers’ struggles to an end. The company realized this could be achieved by centralizing visualization of pictures and videos and sharing options in one place. This would become a user-friendly platform with easy access opportunities.
The company contacted Scopic and worked together on a solution.

PowerCamHD vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic built a desktop application that allows PowerCAM users to download and convert photos and videos from a camera to a computer and later share them through social media. A professionally developed video player allows the user to preview the video before the download.
The user-friendly interface enables users to quickly move photos, watch videos, share them, view live shootings, and set the time, with just a click of a button.

PowerCamHD solution

Skills Involved:

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