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Video Segmentation

Interactive platform that enables reliable shot-cut detection

Avoid any deformation and occlusion.


The Video Partitioning Challenge

Video segmentation involves the process of partitioning video sequences into separate sets of consecutive frames, created after the montage. These are often referred to as shots. 

Shots vary in size and type of data sets. This creates ambiguity and without the proper algorithm may result in occlusion, deformation, motion blur, and scale variation. 

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed to provide a robust solution that would overcome such difficulties and enable users to detect scene changes easily. This would provide enormous opportunities for people who are enthusiastic about analyzing and using video data. 

They reached out to Scopic and worked together on a user-friendly desktop platform.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the Timefilter Segmentatizer tool which provided reliable object observations into videos. The app targeted the computer vision community that were interested in having access to the following video elements:

Shot and DX Input

Shot Cluster

Shot Segment

Frame In

Frame Out

Current Frame

Frame In

Parameter F

And more!


Skills Involved:

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