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Foolproof tool for computer clean-up and optimization.

Plug-in. Sweep. Optimize.


The Computer Optimization Challenge 

Currently, there are a number of options on the market available for computer clean-up, optimization and virus-prevention. However, not many are adapted to the less-computer savvy masses. The challenge then is to design a tool that can help return computers to their original functioning potential without overwhelming the users with too many details and options.

The Vision Behind the App

The goal behind WinCleaner was to create a simple tool that would help remove clutter and speed up Windows or Mac computers. Another objective of the app was to clean up unnecessary files, improve computer processing, ensure private browsing, and help computers start up faster.


The Scopic Solution

WinCleaner is an all-in-one desktop application that performs multiple functions for a faster and more optimized PC. WinCleaner deletes temporary and junk files, clears unnecessary system logs, web browser’s cache, and trash bins. The tool is also used for removing duplicate files, downloads, and mail attachments.


Skills Involved:

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