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Gorilla Workout

A Workout App For the Ones Too Busy to Make It to The Gym

Get your heart rate up. Build strength. Shave pounds every day.

The Workout Challenge

Keeping to a steady and continuous workout routine does not come easy, because our busy lives take up most of our energy. Committing to going to the gym can be challenging, costly and time consuming. So many of us choose to try out a workout app instead but get tired of it quickly, because it doesn’t give us exactly what we’re looking for.

So the market needs an affordable, easy-to-use workout app that takes into consideration the specific needs of every user.

The Vision Behind the App

Gorilla Workout app was created with the aim of inspiring people to take control of their bodies and start living healthier lives. The founder envisioned an app that would motivate its users to commit to a workout routine and stick to it. The idea was to craft a simple mobile app with 4 main goals – to be affordable, fast, effective and fun. So they turned to Scopic to build a workout app that would change the way people approach their fitness routine.

The Scopic Solution

Gorilla Workout App started to work with Scopic’s full service digital marketing team to build, design and market this bodyweight workout app for iOS and Android users. Our specialists optimized the app’s presence on app stores by performing SEO and ASO. When marketing the app, our creative specialists began with a marketing strategy that involved activities such as:

Targeted App Store Optimization

Creative Social Media Marketing

Smart Search Engine Optimization

Native-English Copywriting

Strategic Media Outreach

Optimized Google Ad Campaigns

We then continued working with Gorilla Workout App to boost their number of downloads through our effective media outreach strategies. From social media to tech and fitness-focused media, our team ran many different initiatives that helped increase the app’s brand awareness and boost popularity.

Skills Involved:

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