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Informatica Systems

Helping Doctors Improve Patient Care

Delivering a More Proactive and Simplistic Approach to Population Health Management

The Challenge

Hospitals often struggle to manage, share, and integrate patient data from multiple systems effectively. This leads to longer treatment periods, more data inconsistencies, and lower patient satisfaction. Additionally, understanding data and creating meaningful reports can be challenging without the right tools.

The Vision

Informatica Systems helps healthcare professionals provide better patient care and manage patient data in a more efficient way. Their cloud-based app also enables public health organizations to deliver various healthcare programs through the community.

With its automatic data-gathering feature, the app also allows GPs to access the information they need to make informed care decisions in a timely manner.

The Scopic Solution

To create an effective and comprehensive data collection web application, Informatica Systems partnered with Scopic.

We built a solution that automates the data collection and analysis process. This enables healthcare professionals to provide early intervention, proactively address potential health issues, and ensure patients receive the most appropriate care at the earliest possible stage.
We integrated the following features into the Informatica Systems solution:

  • Health check
  • Data transformation and management
  • Data analysis
  • Suggestions for analysis and diagnosis
  • Communicating with the principal GP systems between the WebSocket and COM API with a built Shim tool
While building the solution for ISL, Scopic effectively utilized AWS solutions. For managing big data, AWS Glue and Redshift were employed for efficient operations, complemented by an EMR cluster for data processing. CloudWatch, integrated with a Java logging framework, provided a unified logging solution. To create a reliable and responsive API facade, we utilized a custom runtime with GraalVM to run the Lambda component.

The result was a robust, scalable, and cost-effective serverless system, ensuring data protection, precision, and compliance with relevant requirements. ISL successfully overcame its initial challenges and enhanced data management performance through Scopic’s AWS solutions.

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