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On-demand car maintenance and gas delivery

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The Challenge 

Time is the most valuable asset a person can have. Today the rhythm of life is so fast that people try to plan almost every minute to save time for things they truly enjoy doing. Meanwhile, sudden circumstances like traffic jams, accidents, car break-ups, or even gas fill-ups often take a lot of our time.

The Vision

The founders of Pump aimed to facilitate the life of people by providing routine car maintenance or gas fill-up services anywhere in the city. All people had to do is download their application, register, and purchase car maintenance services no matter where they were. With Pump, anyone can have their gas fueled, oil changed, and car inspected from the comfort of their house.

In their search for a skilled and creative video production team to help them explain their value proposition to their target audience, Pump found Scopic.


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The Scopic Solution

Together with Pump, Scopic’s experienced team produced a 2D animated video depicting how typical users could benefit from Pump. The animation highlights the company’s services and helps users better understand how the application works. Our team managed to produce a video that is fun to watch, easy to comprehend, creating a long-lasting impression about the brand.

car service animation video example

Skills Involved:

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