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The Challenge Summarized

The real estate industry in developed countries is highly competitive. In order to stand out in the market and attract customers, real estate agents need to get access to exclusive listings. What’s more, they have to come up with winning strategies on how to showcase and promote these listings on real estate platforms that are often cluttered, have their own rules, limitations, and fees.

The Vision

Great Hill Place is a palatial property with open pasture, dense woodlands, shaded groves, formal gardens, and a picturesque lake. Determined to sell this expensive property, a real estate agent came up with an idea to create a landing page, showcasing the luxury home and providing holistic information about its features to prospective buyers. Also, it was important for them to find a reliable team of social media experts with a track record in real estate marketing. That’s how they found Scopic


Donda comb website development for real estate.

The Scopic Solution

With the mission of promoting exclusive listing, Scopic’s talented designers and marketers created a captivating landing page with a smooth UI that made the listing feel luxurious. Built-in line with the latest design trends, this landing page provided a distraction-free experience for the home viewers, where they got to know the property in greater details thanks to engaging copywriting techniques used by the Scopic marketing team. After we created the landing page, our team of creative marketers launched a successful Facebook ads campaign for the purpose of converting the target audience quickly, with an impressive ROI.

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