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The Custom Woodworking Challenge

Woodworking professionals have to create plans for cabinet, furniture, kitchen and many other designs. Without an efficient solution, the process can be time-consuming and inaccurate. Imagine sketching everything with a paper and a pen?

Especially today when everything is streamlined and virtual, woodworkers spend countless hours on manual tasks when working without the helping hand of software. So what if there was a more efficient way to work?

The Vision

SketchList3D was created on a mission to provide a fast, accurate and simple solution for woodworkers. The founder wanted to craft a software that would create virtual plans for cabinet, furniture, and kitchen designs. He aimed to empower users by creating a solution where you could enter dimensions and materials for the designs, that the computer would then automatically generate planning, purchasing and production reports for. So the company collaborated with Scopic, a custom software development company, to create a piece of software that would let custom woodworking businesses create unique designs – quickly and affordably.

The Scopic Solution

SketchList3D and Scopic collaborated not only to create the custom woodworking software itself, but also to establish an online presence and to be more accessible to the company’s desired audience. Our marketing specialists began by creating optimized landing pages to target different users. Some of our digital marketing activities involved:

Bold Email Marketing

Creative Social Media Marketing

Smart Search Engine Optimization

Bing Ads

Optimized Google Ad Campaigns

Engaging Landing Page Creation

We continued to supportSketchList3D by optimizing their visibility through Google Ad Campaigns and ongoing social media marketing efforts. Today, we continuously work to improve their website and landing pages to ensure organic traffic remains consistently high.

Skills Involved:

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