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The Education Challenge Summarized

No matter the degree, industry or niche, an educational path is impactful and rewarding in terms of personal and professional development. However, not all market opportunities meet current demands. Full-time students and employees alike want to learn and grow, but often encounter two main constraints:

Time – Lack of time often prevents people from pursuing a certification that validates their competences. A lot of time is invested in traditional classroom settings and, generally, people need to be able to keep up with the pace of the rest of the group regardless of other commitments they might have.

Access – They are constrained to learn on specific schedules and at a specific time, limiting the flexibility of their working and entertainment hours. In addition, people are also restricted to only one type of learning source, creating biased opinions and damaging creativity.

The Vision Behind the App

Accounting E-learning iPad company envisioned education being accessible by all, no matter where they are and when they can learn. This was especially applied to accounting as it is a learned profession that becomes essential in any business. The aim of the company was to provide a solution that would help users gain a competitive advantage in the market and increase their competency constructively.
As the implementation of this idea played a vital role in its success, they contacted Scopic to further understand how to make an accounting course accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The Scopic Solution

After building the desktop application, Scopic was also asked to develop the iPad version of this accounting education app as a comprehensive textbook-replacement tool that teaches introductory accounting. Our experts created a user-friendly interface that combined video tutorials, slides, and interactive problem-solving sections. The user can learn lesson-by-lesson or browse using the alphabetical order option when looking for a specific topic.

Skills Involved:

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