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Autoforward SMS

The app that seamlessly puts an end to the multi-phone dilemma

Secure. Coordinated. Easy to set up.

The 2-Phone Challenge Summarized

Many people have two phones nowadays: one for work and one for their personal life. However, it can be a hassle checking and coordinating text messages, emails, alerts and notifications on each phone. 

In addition, people have to keep track of replies, and potential deadlines. Not to mention the physical inconvenience of carrying both, as well as having twice as many batteries to charge.

The Vision Behind the App

AutoForward SMS is a mobile app for Android, designed for users who have more than one phone, but do not want to carry both. The idea behind the app was to facilitate the forwarding of SMS messages, emails and low battery alerts from one phone to the other. The founders wanted users to be able to reply from Gmail, reply remotely from either phone, and create tasks to forward certain messages from specific numbers to particular contacts or groups.
The AutoForward SMS team is innovative in style. Always on the lookout to improve the application they had built and enhance the user experience, they approached Scopic to improve the apps performance.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic started working with this client in October 2017 to fix a crash, work on some updates, and make improvements to the app. We enhanced the UI of AutoForward SMS as well as fixed bugs, and implemented a 3rd party currency service for conversions.

Our team also provided full-cycle development services for the second application of AutoForward SMS, which serves as a pairing app for remote reply.

Skills Involved:

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