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Chromecast Integration Project

The app that’s being socially displayed while engaging users

Cast. Connect. Enjoy.

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The Casting Challenge Summarized

Companies want to be able to customize their user experience to the maximum. Usually, sharing the same view requires us to crowd over a screen or pass a phone around. This brings inconveniences and even dissatisfaction to users.

The Vision Behind the App

The existing Ionic app called Still understood the vast opportunities casting to Chromecast could bring. The cross-platform app put user experience at the center and made sure to continuously improve its features. As the app contained photos and videos, they wanted their users to be able to beam and view their content on a large social display for a more engaging experience. They wanted to better present the app while users shared the experience. All of this, without having to deal with any cables on their way. So they approached Scopic to take this integration to the next step.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic created the integration between ConnectSDK and Still. The goal was to allow the app to cast its content to a Chromecast device. Within Google Home, users could then tap Get Apps to find Cast-enabled apps and get hold of these features:

Beam Web App

Launch My app

Mobile app to TV app messaging

Beam video, app, photo

Media pause, play, duration, info

TV controls: volume set, duration

Chromecast-Integration-Project solution

Skills Involved:

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