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Fit Day

The app that streamlines the fitness sales process

Efficiency. Organization. Motivation.

The Fitness Sales Challenge Summarized

Effective equipment, motivated staff and efficient sales systems are three essentials in the success of any fitness club. But for many facilities, sales management isn’t a streamlined process – best practices in the sales process are often ambiguous.

The department involved in generating revenue also deals with seasonal barriers such as sales decreasing during the summer or holiday periods. In addition, strategies usually focus on attracting new members which leaves the user experience as an afterthought, failing to deliver satisfaction after a person becomes a member.

The Vision Behind the App

The Visual Fitness Planner company had a passion for solving the burning needs of the fitness industry, particularly those of gyms, clubs, and trainers associated with the sales process. They aimed at providing a solution to the market that would increase:

  • Membership sales
  • Member retention
  • Interaction with the customers
  • Consistency in sales processes

They reached out to our team in order to establish their vision and bring their idea to life.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created the VFP software with a suite of modules intended to transform the fitness sales system. With our fitness app development services,  we have provided full customization for fitness clubs. Our experts developed an exclusive sales analytics dashboard that allowed the user to identify, modify, and adapt sales processes. The modules created include:

An interactive member journey

An industry-leading presentation system

Real-time communication between members and the fitness team

Skills Involved:

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