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The App That Encourages Us to Live Healthier Lives

Check Nutritional Facts. Eat Better. Feel Better.

The Healthy Eating Challenge

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is tricky. It’s a challenge faced everyday, especially for anyone following a specific diet or aiming to reach their nutritional goals.

Even if we decide to cook at home, do we know what we’re putting in our bodies?

Deciding to read healthy recipes online, cooking and then sharing them with family is not enough. There are many factors that contribute to the amount of nutrients every individual needs. Our age, gender, lifestyle and routine impacts the quantity of supplements we should intake each day. We are unique and so our diet should be too.

It’s too much of a hassle to break down a recipe, check the nutritional value of every single ingredient, add everything together and get the answers we’re seeking. With so many examples of health apps, there has to be an easier way

The Vision Behind the App

Inspired by this idea of facilitating healthy eating, the RecipeIQ app was created with healthy eating in mind. On a mission to make it easier for people to eat and feel better, the app’s founder aimed to create a solution that would provide the answers to people’s biggest healthy eating challenges. 

He needed mobile application development services and wanted to create a mobile app that anyone could use to count their nutritional intake, take control of what they eat and make more responsible decisions. So he worked with Scopic to build an app that lets users calculate the nutritional information of any recipe – online or offline. 

The Scopic Solution

RecipeIQ joined forces with Scopic to build, design and market this nutrition calculator app for iOS and Android users. When marketing the RecipeIQ app, our creative specialists began with a strategy that involved activities such as:
Targeted App Store Optimization
Creative Social Media Marketing
Smart Search Engine Optimization
Native-English Copywriting
Strategic Influencer Marketing
Optimized Google Ad Campaigns
We then continued working with RecipeIQ to boost their number of downloads, and create a community of healthy eaters. Today, we continuously work hard to improve RecipeIQ’s user experience, as well as grow their audience through our guest blogging and influencer marketing services.

Skills Involved:

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