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The Hunting Challenge Summarized

Across the globe, there are many people who practice responsible hunting, however, there are very few online communities around the sport. The challenge with this particular niche lies in building a user-friendly application that rallies hunters and lets them share their love for the sport among one another.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind TrohphyScan envisioned an app that would allow hunting aficionados to create or access their accounts to view their scanned hunting trophies, as well as find nearby tournament events. With this in mind, they reached out to Scopic to begin developing the application.

TrophyScan vision

The Scopic Solution

Trophy Scan is a new hunting app designed to celebrate, score, and replicate your best deer and other trophy game species all from one easy place. Find a nearby event in the app’s calendar to have a trophy scanned, and then use the TrophyScan app and patented VoluMetrics software to measure its exact total volume, score in B&C and SCI formats, visit the Virtual Trophy Wall of all cataloged animals and share on social media to celebrate those hard-earned trophies. Users can also shop in the TrophyScan store for one-of-a-kind customized merchandise.

TrophyScan solution

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